Author Withdrawal Policy 

Authors who have submitted their manuscript to Epic Globe Publishers may find it necessary to withdraw it under certain circumstances. We acknowledge that such situations may arise, and we are committed to collaborating with authors to facilitate a smooth withdrawal process.

To initiate the withdrawal of a manuscript, the corresponding author is required to submit a formal written request to the editorial office via email. This request should contain the following details:

  • The title of the manuscript
  • The name of the corresponding author
  • The reason for withdrawing the manuscript with a Cover Letter

Upon receipt of the withdrawal request, the editorial office will verify the withdrawal with the corresponding author and all other contributors listed on the manuscript. In cases where the manuscript has already been assigned to an editor or reviewers, they will be promptly informed of the withdrawal.

If a manuscript is withdrawn post-acceptance but before publication the corresponding author will be requested to remit 75% of the APC. It is important to note that each manuscript submission incurs specific costs for Epic Globe Publishers, including overhead expenses during processing. Occasionally, authors may opt to retract a submitted manuscript, and we respect the author's prerogative in this regard. An article can be withdrawn free of charge if done so within 5 days of its initial submission.

Authors are reminded of their responsibility to ensure that their manuscript is prepared for submission and complies with all relevant ethical and publishing standards before being considered. Withdrawal requests stemming from disputes among authors or between authors and their institutions, such as those related to authorship, data ownership, or other issues, cannot be accommodated.

Recognizing the challenging nature of the decision to withdraw a manuscript, we strive to assist authors while upholding the integrity of our publication process. For any inquiries or concerns regarding manuscript withdrawal or article processing fees, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at contact us: