About Epic Globe Publisher

Epic Globe Publisher was founded with the primary goal of disseminating valuable information within the scientific community. As a dedicated Open Access publisher, we are on a mission to become a global leader in the Open Access field. Our commitment to Open Access means that we provide free online access to scientific publications, enabling us to reach a wide and diverse readership. 

By embracing Open Access, we break down traditional publication barriers, aligning with the demands of the twenty-first century and the vast global landscape of research. We are dedicated to ensuring that new discoveries and research findings are distributed throughout the scientific community. 

Epic Globe Publisher serves as a hub for diligent researchers and scientists who are striving to shape a brighter future for humanity. Our focus is on meeting the needs of scientists, academics, students, and the global community as a whole. We aspire to be a prominent provider of Open Access Publications, offering a wide range of prestigious academic international journals. Our commitment is to support the scientific, medical, and engineering communities by publishing high-quality journals that benefit society at large. 

We embrace diverse article formats, including HTML, XML, and PDF, digital, to accommodate various learning preferences. All articles published by Epic Globe Publisher are readily accessible to scientists, students, and research professionals immediately upon publication. Our rigorous peer review process is overseen by our dedicated editorial board for each journal. 

Furthermore, we welcome Research, Review, Case Report, Image articles, online letters, and emails from editors, and brief comments that enhance previously published articles. At Epic Globe Publisher, we are dedicated to fostering open and collaborative scientific communication. 

Advantages of Choosing Us: 

  • International Quality review processing
  • 14-Day Rapid Review Process
  • Publication within 24 hours following acceptance