Peer Review Process 

Epic Globe Publishers upholds rigorous standards in peer review, aiming to optimize both the efficiency and quality of the review process. Every article featured in Epic Globe Publishers undergoes a comprehensive peer review to ensure the maintenance of high paper quality.

Key aspects of our peer-review process include:

  • Each article is subject to scrutiny by a minimum of two appropriately qualified experts.
  • Publication decisions are exclusively determined by the Editorial Board Members of the journal, relying on the insights provided by the reviews.
  • Editorial Board members actively contribute their support throughout the peer review process.
  • Our peer-review process adheres to a double-blind model, ensuring confidentiality. The identities of both reviewers and authors remain undisclosed throughout the review process.

Peer Review Process for Referred Papers:

The Editorial Board Members at Epic Globe Publishers will make determinations regarding the acceptance, rejection, or need for revisions of referred papers. These decisions will be informed by the reviews and editorial insights provided by supporting journals. Furthermore, Editors retain the option to solicit additional reviews as necessary.

Peer Review of Novel Submissions:

Articles submitted directly to Epic Globe Publishers will undergo a peer review process conducted by a minimum of two appropriately qualified experts in the relevant field, selected by the Editor-in-Chief. The final decision on whether to accept, reject, or request revisions will be made by the Editorial Board Member, taking into consideration the reviews and comments obtained during the peer review process.

Attributes of a Reviewer:

  • Demonstrated research excellence, as evidenced by the ability to secure on-going extramural peer-reviewed grant support for a research program.
  • Exhibit quality as a referee, including a broad knowledge base and mature judgment.
  • Committee membership should collectively fulfill the need to encompass various research areas and pertinent methodologies within the committee's purview.
  • Possess recognized stature within the professional community.
  • Ability to commit the necessary time to engage with the secretariat's staff to facilitate the competition process.
  • Demonstrate leadership and diligence traits requisite for the position.

Peer reviewers are encouraged, though not obligated, to disclose their identities to authors when submitting their reviews. Those who opt to reveal their names will receive public acknowledgment on their personal profile page for their contribution to the review process.